An Inside Look: The Color Changing Pink Wall in DTLA

I actually like both of these pictures. This is from the famous Pink Wall in Los Angeles at the Paul Smith store.

I of course wanted to get some pictures of this building because of the giant, all pink wall. It’s basically on every Los Angeles photographer’s (or aspiring model) todo list.

While the giant pink wall is undoubtedly cool, I was more interested in the people who go there to take pictures of themselves.

I was able to capture that with the girl in the center of the picture taking a selfie! I also like how the guy is looking at his phone, perhaps looking at his selfies or getting ready to post it somewhere. The last girl seems to be rolling her eyes at the selfish idiocy of it all — her hand resting on her hips gives me this thought.

I do like the color version of this picture, but the black and white version seems to go beyond the trendy into more of a statement piece. It feels more powerful.