An Inside Look: An LA Story 2017

I’m driving to Downtown Los Angeles one typical May Grey morning, excited to roam wherever the pictures take me.

After exiting the freeway and crossing the Fourth St Bridge, I could see this mural approaching. I fumble around for my phone and blindly open the stock camera app in hopes of getting a picture of the mural.

As I drove closer, I glanced in my rear view mirror to see if there were any cars behind me so I could slow down to get a better picture.

Four cars behind me and three in the lane to my right unnecessarily increased my speed and urgency!

I reach across my chest and grab my phone with my left hand, ducking it under my right arm and hand holding the steaming wheel.

Just after I clear my left hand past my right arm, there is all of a sudden tension, then the phone flies out of my hand.

Luckily, my window was rolled up!

I grab my phone and push the button to roll the window down. I compose my shot as best I can driving 54 miles an hour (I can’t drive 55, like Sammy Hagar).

I snap off three or four shots with my thumb not knowing if I got anything good.

An hour or so later, while eating a yummy Big Dipper from Cole’s, I look and see that three shots are in focus. The second shot was the keeper!

I am a bit annoyed that the mural is not perfectly centered. However, as an English teacher, I am certain I can come up with some sort of symbolism.

I later put the picture into Hipstamatic’s wonderful Tintype app. I tend to use that app with murals and street art.