An Inside Look: District Track Finals 2017

I took this picture at the 2017 AUHSD District Track Finals. I was crossing the track and realized I needed a cool picture of the track (I already had many of students)…As I was taking the picture, I noticed the lane lines coming through the small space between each hurdle. I snapped off a few pictures focusing on centering the lane line.

I really liked all the leading lines and angles.

The picture was originally in color, but I put it into the amazing black and white app Noir and was able to fine tune everything.

I then had to put it into SKRWT to straighten the horizon line.

My wife really liked this edit and I did, too. However, It felt like it was missing something. So I put it into Hipstamatic’s *Tintype* app and simply fell in love with it! I love the blurry, dreamy quality in the distance. It feels like a more powerful picture.

My wife and everyone else I showed the picture to liked the first edit more than this last one.

I ended up posting the first edit.