An Inside Look: The Broad

I live 45 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles and love going there to take pictures whenever I am not teaching. 

I always stop at the Walt Disney Concert Hall snap a few photos of that incredible building. 

Next door is The Broad Museum and it is equally stunning. I have tried taking photos of this building in the past, but they always turned out just like every other photo of the building on Instagram. 

Wanting to take a different type of photo of The Broad, I looked up and took a few photos. 
The original photo was in color and taken with my iPhone 6. 

I used SKRWT to fine tune the top of the building, making it straight. 

Then I used the wonderful black and white app Noir to convert it to black and white. 

Finally I put it into Snapseed to adjust the contrast which made the black get darker. To further highlight the darkness, I added some vignetting.