Sliding into Inspired Laziness

My laziness has been uninspired for a long while.

I have a confession to make. A Teacher Confession if you will.

I do not have my students use computers in our classroom.

There are many reasons.

Most are manifestations of my laziness and effective and efficient use of procrastination.

But lately, after seeing some great uses of Google Classroom and Chromebooks from a few co-workers, I have been feeling like I should be doing a better job of integrating technology in my lessons.

Inspiration came to me despite my laziness.

I started searching for ideas how to to best incorporate Google Classroom and I kept coming across posts by Alice Keeler. #25 on the list found on her blog here rocked my world.

How cool would it be to have each student create their own slide and be able to simultaneously see what others have done and share what their work? That convinced me.

My laziness was truly inspired.

I used the monthly required reading my students complete based on the work of Donalyn Miller and her amazing book The Book Whisperer.

I first created a slideshow in Google Apps. (I know, big deal right…I know there or others out there doing much more creative things with GAFE than this assignment.)

I set the first slide as a title slide and I include the period this individual slide show belongs to.

Then I create a slide with the directions.Then I create a slide with an example and template. Students then just click the \”add\” slide button and they are ready to create!

I make sure to enable the correct sharing settings based on my district\’s requirements.

I gave students two weeks to complete their slides. I had the assignment linked on our homework page by period.

I am going to share each class period\’s slideshow on our homework page next (I just have to delete all of their last names!). But here is my sixth period class…Please note, their may be grammar and other errors.

This assignment was more a \”proof of concept\” for me. Better writing and issues regarding fair use of images will be covered in the future!

A few things I really like about this assignment:

  • Students can see examples as they are creating their own slides
  • Students can be creative and express themselves
  • Students can comment on each other’s slides
  • Students are given greater insight into their peers
  • Students can go back and revise/edit whenever and how often they want
  • Students who are shy have a voice
  • Students have discovered they are similar to others they do not know or even dislike

I have extended this assignment to students creating their own Sacred Writing Time Prompts, too. The applications and possibilities are endless!