I recently realized I use the word “nuance” frequently in my blog posts and tweets. It is my “go to” word. It is my “philosophical” word. It is my “argument” word.

Nuance is a pretty difficult word to define. I have touched thematically on this word HERE. There are the standard “shades of grey” and “wiggle room” definitions.

But I think there is more to this shape-shifting word, much like there is more to unicorns and hobos. While I use the word to in ways similar to the above definitions, I often use “nuance” as an excuse to cover up my arguments’ shortcomings on various issues.rr

Photo by Jeanyves Lemoigne

Nuance takes time and is a linked to one’s reputation.

People are willing to let some bands experiment with their sound if those band have the reputation for pushing themselves forward musically and lyrically. The Beatles come to mind.

People gave The Beatles time to develop their nuance.

Would The Beatles be as influential today if they only wrote songs similar to their first three or four? I doubt they would be influential to the same extent they are now. The Beatles did not go from “Help!” to “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” over night. They began experimenting in the studio, with herbs, and with chemicals, slowly adding more “nuance” to their songs.

The Ramones perfected the two minute blitzkrieg bop. If they were to write a 23 minute epic about unicorns chasing ninjas, people would be upset. People do not expect, or even want, “nuance” from The Ramones.

Nuance is given to the writer by the reader after many blog posts and tweets.