Saying Nice Things to Students

For the thirteen years I have been teaching, I have a tradition I do around the last week of school.
I say something nice to each student.
No technology needed.
No pedagogy needed.
It started with me going around the room thanking my students for an amazing year of wild ups and downs my first year of teaching.
It has now become an emotional day for me and the students where I open up and tell the students how I really feel about them.
My students and I are pretty close and we generally know how we feel about each other. But there is something special about saying nice things to each student in front of their peers. In addition, there is the community aspect.
Often, we joke about certain events that happened through the year. Over the years, students have begun to say something nice to me, too.
It is pretty early for me, but I am already thinking about the things I am going to say to some students this year!
Try it with your classes…