I Love Insta…

I messed up. I let my hosting of my blog lapse and I am now trying to rebuild my blog. This is an old post and I now have different thoughts about what I have written. I will update later…

I love Instapaper

I love Instagram

I love Instacast

Instapaper is an app that allows me to save a blog post or article for later reading. I often come across interesting articles or blog posts in my RSS reader while at work, however, I am unable to read them due to firewalls and, oh, teaching.

Part of my daily work flow is to read prior to going to bed – this is when the magic of Instaper begins. I can read the articles I saved earlier now. Many great curators of longform articles are sprouting up on Twitter and other places on the intertubes.

I highly recommend Longform , Sportsfeat and Longreads to find interesting articles on a variety of topics.

You can read about my love for Instagram in another post HERE. You can see all of my Instagram pictures HERE.

I discovered Instacast this week and, I am doubtful I will ever go back to subscribing to podcasts via iTunes. Shawn Blanc has an excellent review HERE .  My favorite feature of this app is that you can fast forward through advertisements with just a push of a button, instead of the bar on the iPod. This feature is even cooler because you can preset the fast-forward button for 30 seconds, one or even two minutes!rrI love me some podcasts! I frequently listen to Marc Maron’s WTF (NSFW), No Agenda, Mac Power Users, Back to Work with Merlinn Mann, and Never Not Funny (NSFW).

Check them out, check it outers…