I would like to thank @mrmacnology for unknowingly inspiring this post.

Education is not a “I learned from” concept; rather, it is a “I learned with” concept.


“From” is clean.

“With” is messy.

“From” is binary.

“With” is human.

“From” is instant.

“With” takes time.

“From” is passive.

“With” is active.

“From” is singular.

“With” is together.

“From” is shallow.

“With” is deep.

“From” is informative.

“With” is transformative.

Do you interact WITH your students the same way you tweet?

Which word describes your pedagogy in the classroom and tweets on Twitter?

You may want to read “The Messiness of And”, too.


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3 Responses to The Messiness of “With”

  1. I am totally “with” you on this one. Short, simple yet thought provoking. I will probably use this in the PD I run with new fac in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. […] The Messiness of ‘With’ @ Rush the Iceberg by Stephen […]

  3. […] @rushtheiceberg, which you can see below. He had written a short, but far from simple post called The Messiness of With. It was one of those moments that rang true for me. It was amazing to have my experience […]

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