I have always been interested in photography. One of my favorite classes in high school was Photography. To be honest, though, the only thing I actively remember from that class is the famous “Rule of Thirds” rule. I always new there was much, much more to photography, but I always felt overwhelmed!

You can find my photos on 500px and on Flickr and I am “rushtheiceberg” on Instagram.

Presently, I really do not have any desire to learn about f-stops and shutter speed and much of the other technical aspects of photography. I’m sure I will get there in the future.

I am much more interested in composition and post processing of photos.

I also have a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 1/2 month old, so I do not have much time, well, to do anything.

Enter the iPhone and all the obligatory photography apps…

Below is my iPhoneography camera bag and my work flow…

Trash in the bike lane...I really like this one 112/365 #365 #hipstamatic #monochrome #blackandwhite #instagood #igaddict #igerscalifornia #igersoc #sealbeach #jj #teg

6X6 – I discovered this app through Nicole Dalesio and her awesome collection of iPhone photography apps. At first I was not sold on this app because I was so used to shooting pictures with the iPhone camera app, then crop from there. After a few tries, I got it: perfect for shooting 1:1 square ratio that is all things Instagram. This app really allows me to compose my shots without worry of if it fits in the Instagram box. I am now using this as my everyday camera. Highly recommend this app!

PHOTOTOASTER – My photos go here first. Basic touch/tune ups…add clarity. I really like the cropping options: square and rectangle with 4:3, 4:6, 5:7, 8:10, and Golden Ratio. Many other apps have the same feature set, along with many filters and effects. However, I really like the intuitive UI with this app.

PHOTOFORGE/PHOTOGENE2 – I then generally throw my photos in one of these two next. My favorite part of Photogene2 is the curve adjustment. I have NO idea what the technical aspects of adjusting the curves are, but I do like to see the real time change as I slide my finger around on the screen. There is a whitebalance tool that I am sure I need to figure out how to use…

PICFX– Love this app for various filters and effects. Most of these can likely be found in other apps, but again, the UI of this app is simple and intuitive. All of my photos go through this app; however, not all photos end up being processed with this app – I like to see what my options are. I didn’t realize this for the longest time, but you can adjust the intensity of the filter/effect with a verticle slide bar on the right side of the photo!

PHOTOWIZARD – I am starting to play around with this app. It seems overwhelming to me, yet the promise of power and versitility is present.

Lenslight – Just got this last night and I love it! At first I thought I could not really use the app much, but playing around with it proved me wrong. The controls for different lighting effects are intuitive and creative. Highly recommend this…you may not use it much, but when you do, it will take your photo to the next level…The moon is the next photo is from Lenslight….

Updtate: I used Photowizard (and Snapseed and Lenslight for this photo)

Pier re-edit #jj #instagramhub #huntingtonbeach #igerscalifornia #igersoc #iphoneography #teg #snapseed #hipstamatic #beach #jj_forum

SNAPSEED – I want to use and like this app more than I do…UPDATE – I have spent a few days with this app and really like it a lot! I know I am not using it to its fullest potential. The thing I like most is it is pretty easy to experiment with different “things” in this app without causing too many problems.

POSTAL PIX/POSTAGRAM – You have too order prints of your pics for the refridgerator and family!

Sometimes you have to look down to reflect on what's above... 104/365 #365 #jj #suburbia #hipstamatic #igaddict #sky #skysnappers #ink361 #teg #cement #rain #storm #reflection

SHUTTERCAL – I use this app to upload the photos for my 365 project to this site – the site has a cool calandar view…

COUNTDOWN – Not a photo app, but I use this to keep track of the chronological day of the year…

HIPSTAMATIC – I have this app for over a year, however I rarely used it. The layout was simple, yet all the combinations of film, flash, and lenses overwhelmed me. In addition, at first I did not like that you have to shoot the photo in this app – so I stopped using it. About two weeks ago, I started using the app again. I am not sure why, either! I am super happy that I did! I feel like the quality of my compositions and over photos have stepped up a notch. This app really makes me think through the shot before snapping the photo! When the combiniation of film, flash, and lenses is bad, it is HORRIBLE! However, when the combination is good, I get so much joy!

INSTAGRAM – Well, you know…I do want to say that, for about a month, I thought you could only take the photo within the app. Boy was I wrong! I finally figured out that I can take pictures with the iPhone’s normal camera or our DSLR, save the photos to the phone’s camera roll, and then select the photo from there to add flters and stuff to…


Favorite iPhoneographers on Instagram – I strongly suggest tegold, billselak, doremigirl, fodograph, furius_spurius, intrepidteacher, jimconnolly, kshelton, needleworks, maryannreilly, magrelacanela, rjob50, rvesper, robertogreco, seani_, tfullerton …

I’m sure I have missed some apps and photographers…please include your favorites in the comments!

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