Steve Jobs is known for saying “real artists ship.”

For too long, the inherent message of this quote has been an anchor, rather than wind in my sails.

You see, I began spending a great amount of time blogging and tweeting about all things education: I took up residence on Education Beach.

I interacted with many wonderful educators, parents, and education consultants of various motives. I have been jealous of some and annoyed by others.

Some were watchtowers, peering down on all educators below them.

Some were lighthouses, offering guidance to safe harbor and shining light into ignored corners.

Some were ski boats, quickly moving onto new technology and theories, ultimately skimming the surface.

Some were sailboats, letting the winds of change direct them, rarely tacking against the wind.

Some were rowboats, forging their own path while being aware the tide influences them.

Some were sun-bathers, browning themselves in the hopes of looking better, remaining the same teacher on the inside.

I have been AND known them all. Eventually I found myself reeling between the Scylla of Conservative District Realities and the Charybdiss of Progressive Education Idealists.

This grew ever frustrating.

Then my son was born and new realities emerged on the horizon.

Distraction, survival, and joy were the new ports of call.

"And this is the meaning of life..."

Then one day, while the eyes of Hurricanes Jocelyn and Casen passed overhead, I realized something:

My hobby is education.

My art is teaching.

I am an artist that ships daily in my classroom with my students.




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