For most of this school year I have been feeling like Prufrock.

However, instead of sitting in a coffee house with spoons stirring caffeinated thoughts, I am sitting in my class with past lessons crying out to stir students’ imaginations.

Instead of being inspired by my Twitter feed and blogs I read, I have felt the dichotomy of overwhelming paralysis and spinning my wheels getting nowhere.

I am well aware that all of this is self-inflicted…

…formulated, sprawling on a pin

I often feel that, no matter what my lesson plans are for my classes, no matter how I execute them, many in the Education Reform wing of Twitter and Blogosphere would criticize me with a fervor only seen on cable news punditry.

I need to remember sometimes the road is broader than what is between the progressive and constructivist lines.

This is the pic I meant to post instead of last pic... #blackandwhite #igaddict #igerscalifornia #igersoc #sealbeach #jj #teg #monochrome #hipstamatic #instagood

Even in the sentence above, I feel that many would tweet something like, “Oh, you shouldn’t have lesson plans, your students are going to be permanently scarred because you are not letting them construct their own learning! You are a horrible teacher!”

You see, that is what I am talking about. I have a thought, and I immediately think that some tweep or blogger will criticize me. I find I often need to censor are add a caveat to my thought to let the Ed Reformers in on a little nuance that can be found in the humanity of education, not the idealogy of education.

I have heard the EdReformers tweeting, each to each. I do not think they will tweet to me.

“Your students sit in desks, what are you, Michelle Rhee? Don’t you know those are metaphors for the shackles of the outdated industrial model of education.”

There I go again…

Granted,  I should not care what others think or tweet, much less let them affect my pedagogy.

But I do let them affect my lessons.

I know its wrong and that it reveals one of my many weaknesses.

I bet I am not the only one who often feels beat down by hyperbolic tweeting and blogging.

Some are watchtowers and some are getting a tan on the beach during their conference period…I get it.

Yes, I know I can simply unfollow them on Twitter and not read their blog posts. I do not want to do that. I like that they challenge my thinking and force me to look for nuances in my own thought.

I guess I have not remembered this

I need to go roll the bottoms of my trousers….


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