Finished Early

I messed up. I let my hosting of my blog lapse and I am now trying to rebuild my blog. This is an old post from around May of 2011….

Many of my students finished their Math state test early today and, to keep themselves occupied until all were finished, decided to pass the time in a few interesting ways:

Lot’s of patience, happiness, and joy. Even connections being strengthened.No technology needed.’,

Seeking Contentment

I have been thinking much about contentment and to what extent technology, web 2.0, and modernity is adding to or taking this away from our lives.How many of us teachers are content with what we have in the classroom, even though it may not be the newest, best, technologically advanced item/concept/tool?

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn\’t come as a result of getting something we don\’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.\”  Frederick Keonig

How many of us are using to the full extent the things we already have in our schools?
I know that when I see a new app for the iPhone recommended by a friend or blogger, nine times out of ten I buy it – without researching! I am writing a post on being reactionary…stay tuned….

Why can I not be content with what I already have regarding all things education?

John Spencer wrote a post about only listening to only two albums for a month – an exercise in contentment.

Jerrid Kruse recently wrote a post on observations he made of his pre-service teachers prior to class beginning – a need for contentment.

The Japanese concept of Ma (Negative Space) is interesting – an answer to contentment? (I could get religious here, but I will not…)A while ago I noticed that I was, essentially, trying to lesson plan using on Twitter and following #edchat. The resources many of you share are amazing! I often get excited (err, reactionary) and want to try them out in class the next day.

I was a ship lost at sea, rudderless, waiting for the next current to direct me. Maybe I should think more on this metaphor and look at how sail boats tack and jib.Where is my sense of contentment?

More is not inherently better.I understand we need to grow personally AND professionally as teachers. However, at what point does the growth become more cancerous than beneficial?

What do you think about contentment and education?

Five Reminders Before State Testing

Here are five reminders I gave my students prior to beginning the obligatory state tests this morning:

1. Unwrap your snacks prior to the test so there is no crinkling of wrappers.

2. Blow your nose outside.

3. You know the tests stories are boring, do not be surprised by this.

4. You can tell your friends during the break that you bubbled all “A’s” or made a pretty design – but really try your hardest while taking the test. (Street cred is still important in Junior High.)

5. No test can really measure what you truly know; do not let this test influence your self-esteem.

Bonus Reminder: Before opening your Monster Energy Drink, go into the English office/book room (adjoining room), cover with your hand, and then quickly open your beverage.